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Tony Thurgood will attempt to de-bunk the mass of hype and nonsense that is talked and written in the national press, on the internet and seen on the television about “renewables”.

Tony Thurgood can advise upon the merits, or otherwise, of using particular combination of building systems / building materials / building methodologies in particular locations and situations from new-build to refurbishment.

Tony Thurgood will attempt to provide only realistic assessments and suitable data regarding any particular “renewables” techniques that may be considered possible for use on any particular project, and shall prepare reports and studies that should leave only hard, basic, factual and realistic data to be considered.

“Renewables” costs are generally coming down, and the more closely aligned to the construction that they are, the earlier payback will be achieved. Properly planned and integrated renewables are for the long-term and will be profitable.

What systems and technologies could be considered as “Renewables”

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