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Tony Thurgood, t/a Tony Thurgood Engineer or Empecon Ltd., a professional engineer with over 40 years extensive practical knowledge & experience in the electrical, mechanical building services and plant engineering aspects of the construction industry, provides support and advice services direct to Individual Clients, to Project Managers and Main Contractors across all aspects of the Building, Construction and Civil Engineering Sector.

Tony Thurgood, as a professional engineer has also, again over the past 40 years, been attempting to influence the introduction of “renewables” into construction generally and this can be seen at “The Eden Project” Cob Toilets building, 2002, and Reports into Future Use Strategies on the Eden site, 2002; at Wheal Jane Mine, where a Report was produced for developments going forward in 1990, as well as other proposals over the years, both domestically and commercially, including the wider use of anaerobic digestion plants in agriculture.

Projects involving many technologies to date have been from both the private and public sectors.

Trading Profile

Tony Thurgood, t/a Tony Thurgood Engineer, provides support services to other companies, to organisations and to private individuals in the spheres of electrical, mechanical and plant engineering services surveying, reporting, consulting, and designing, including advising on all forms of “renewable” technology and the supervising of works during construction in most commercial, industrial and domestic spheres.

Tony Thurgood is prepared to consider works for clients of any size on a wide geographical basis with the whole of the UK and Western Europe all being considered.

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